Full regression results

This is a technical post for people interested in details. The punchline is: even if you include a wide variety of possible predictors of success, a simple least-squares model looking only at likes is quite similar in performance to more complicated models using followers, tags, etc.

I don't think the information here is a very wide interest, so I'm just going to present results and link to my GitHub for those who want details. Feel free to ask questions in the comments if you would like more info.

Lasso Ridge OLS OLS-Likes only
1 0 0 2854.06965 N/A
Shares 0 11359.86 65.6032316 N/A
Comments 0 222.1719 -10.255222 N/A
Likes 4.800058 -422.25 4.2506603 5.79909414
Follower Count 0.071327 -15296 0.09265454 N/A
Following Count 0 -21.6523 0.67554451 N/A
Bio is empty 0 2395.795 2326.99936 N/A
Any Hashtags 0 20106.24 20100.5325 N/A
Any tagged users 0 814.3656 60.5159362 N/A
Is Commerce 0 0 0.00016675 N/A
Expected Views -0.1217 -11620 -0.1377142 N/A
Shares Comments -5.29E-06 -487936 0.00025447 N/A
Shares Likes -2.13E-05 -2.6E+07 -4.45E-05 N/A
Shares Follower Count 5.56E-06 -2.2E+08 2.02E-06 N/A
Shares Following Count 0.010245 -48044 0.01210208 N/A
Shares Bio is empty 0 -291.788 -259.11236 N/A
Shares Any Hashtags 0 -50.6875 -47.858801 N/A
Shares Any tagged users 0 -3.71094 1.38718181 N/A
Shares Is Commerce 0 0 1.87E-07 N/A
Shares Expected Views -1.68E-06 -1.9E+08 -3.38E-06 N/A
Comments Likes 1.09E-05 -2.7E+07 1.69E-05 N/A
Comments Follower Count -9.39E-06 -2.9E+08 -5.99E-06 N/A
Comments Following Count 0.008986 -69062 0.00768233 N/A
Comments Bio is empty 0 226.1685 226.214091 N/A
Comments Any Hashtags 0 -4.87109 -1.6125186 N/A
Comments Any tagged users 0 -2.25977 3.08488467 N/A
Comments Is Commerce 0 0 2.91E-08 N/A
Comments Expected Views 5.72E-06 -2.2E+08 1.68E-06 N/A
Likes Follower Count -9.75E-08 -1.4E+10 -1.05E-07 N/A
Likes Following Count 0.000318 -2870016 0.00031629 N/A
Likes Bio is empty 0.740149 8.395508 7.14095384 N/A
Likes Any Hashtags 1.820684 -213 2.37077498 N/A
Likes Any tagged users 0.165318 -428 0.27059424 N/A
Likes Is Commerce 0 0 1.55E-09 N/A
Likes Expected Views 2.07E-08 -1.1E+10 1.21E-07 N/A
Follower Count Following Count -1.23E-05 -3.7E+07 -1.54E-05 N/A
Follower Count Bio is empty 0.760261 14.51758 0.1814774 N/A
Follower Count Any Hashtags 0 -1776 -0.0198163 N/A
Follower Count Any tagged users -0.02367 -3800 -0.03748 N/A
Follower Count Is Commerce 0 0 1.30E-10 N/A
Follower Count Expected Views 3.89E-08 -1.3E+11 3.44E-08 N/A
Following Count Bio is empty 0 1.519531 0.71076586 N/A
Following Count Any Hashtags 0 -7.49829 -8.1253227 N/A
Following Count Any tagged users 0 9.777588 10.2881494 N/A
Following Count Is Commerce 0 0 6.60E-14 N/A
Following Count Expected Views -0.0001 -2.7E+07 -8.71E-05 N/A
Bio is empty Any Hashtags 0 -13448.7 -13558.681 N/A
Bio is empty Any tagged users 0 -4826.69 -4157.9899 N/A
Bio is empty Is Commerce 0 0 0 N/A
Bio is empty Expected Views 0 8.77417 8.39756356 N/A
Any Hashtags Any tagged users 0 -3487.8 -2919.8266 N/A
Any Hashtags Is Commerce 0 0 0 N/A
Any Hashtags Expected Views -0.03061 -988 -0.0065345 N/A
Any tagged users Is Commerce 0 0 0 N/A
Any tagged users Expected Views 0.012779 -2536 0.00638975 N/A
Is Commerce Expected Views 0 0 0 N/A
Index 0 -0.50781 -1.8726071 N/A
Intercept 4659.147 1.82E+23 2852.07352 15835.8962
Alpha 1E+08 0.001 N/A N/A
R^2 0.923156 0 0.92749566 0.87892063


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