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I recently complained that skincare products don't list their dosages. Several of you responded with companies which do list dosages. Here is a table comparing them.

If you just want me to tell you what to do

Here are the products I bought. They are basically the cheapest set of products which has closed the recommended dosages of the four best tested ingredients.

The affiliate links give me a 1% commission. I of course appreciate you using them, but I also provide non-affiliate links, and the recommendation isn't based on affiliate fees.

Full table

The articles cited below list 4 ingredients as having been well studied, some others as seeming promising, and one that I included despite being speculative. Data comes from manufacturer's website. If the manufacturer made multiple products with a given active ingredient, I chose the one closest to the common dose.

I do not believe that any of these products have had their concentration certified, and presumably some of them are substantially misrepresenting their products, similar to nutritional supplements. If you know of a product which does have independent certification, please let me know about it.

IngredientCommon dose in peer-reviewed literatureQuote from review articleInkey ListGood MoleculesPaula's choiceStratiaThe OrdinaryGhost DemocracyNotes
Well studied ingredients
Retinol0.5-2%Topical retinoid treatment is still the primary reference standard for clinically effective topical antiaging products.1%none1%0.15%1%none
Alpha-hydroxyl acids5-12%Extensive clinical studies have proven alpha hydroxyl acids to be an effective anti-aging compound.10%10%25%10%30%6%
Vitamin C3-10%Vitamin C is one of the most well-studied vitamins in anti-aging and has been proven effective in multiple studies30%100%15%15%8%18%
Pentapeptides/Matrixyl1.5-3%There appears to be an overwhelming body of evidence that pal-KTTS is effective in decreasing facial wrinkles and roughness.unknownnonenonenone10%none
Matrixyl is 100 ppm pal-KTTS
Moderately studied ingredients
Niacinimide5%There has been minimal investigation of the B vitamins as anti-aging ingredients, but a few studies have been encouraging.10%10%10%5%10%1%
Speculative ingredients

Products and quotes come from the following articles:
  • McCook, John P. "Topical products for the aging face." Clinics in plastic surgery 43.3 (2016): 597-604.

  • Catherine K. Huang, MD, Timothy A. Miller, MD, The Truth About Over-the-Counter Topical Anti-Aging Products: A Comperhensive Review, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 27, Issue 4, July 2007, Pages 402–412,

Previously recommended products

These other products are used on half my face for seven months in this trial. They obviously worked for me so I have some endorsement for them, but they aren't very upfront about their dosage, which makes me less enthusiastic.
(Affiliate links, but I didn't get any payment etc. from these companies.)


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